Victoria Espinosa: Longing and Gratitude

Before the departure of Victoria Espinosa we feel yearning and thankful. Longing for so many joyful, dynamic and transformative experiences that she made possible for several generations of students, either as actors or as spectators. Longing for his warm presence, for his permanent enthusiasm and interest for his students, for literature, and for the scenarios she knew how to create in all places, from the carriages of the Rodante Theater, the open and closed spaces of the University of Puerto Rico, to the room that bears her name. Eternal thanks for your generosity and your wise teaching, for your example of dedication and demand, for your ability to share knowledge and find talent in the youngest, even the most shy or disadvantaged.

Victoria Espinosa was a great teacher because she believed in her discipline as an instrument of liberation and improvement, as an endless process of growing, learning, and sharing, and as a wonderful opportunity to understand the world around us, to move beyond this one, to discover and make known the many treasures that we carry inside. How much the theater people, scholars, lovers of arts and humanities, and each of the Puerto Ricans and Caribbean brothers touched by their spirit owe Victoria!

The Puerto Rican Endowment Humanities joins the longing and gratitude to Victoria Espinosa.

Margarita Benítez, Executive Director

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