Call for proposal Junio 2018

Projects for the Dissemination and the Appreciation of Humanistic Knowledge

Period:           July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

Purpose:        To sponsor proposals that promote the key themes of the FPH

Deadline:      March 16, 2018 (draft)

Deadline:      April 6, 2018 (Final Proposal)

Amount:       Up to a maximum of $ 20,000

The Puerto Rican Endowment of the Humanities (FPH) is interested in receiving applications for activities that promote the dissemination and appreciation of humanistic knowledge. The activities should be oriented around the following key themes of the Endowment: Identity as a People, Collective Memory, Violence and Solidarity in Puerto Rican society and Life-long Humanities. In addition, projects that integrate the teaching of the humanities in the k-12 school science and mathematics curriculum and projects that, from a humanistic perspective, propose a reflection on the city as a space of coexistence will be considered.

It is important that you know the requirements to submit proposals. For more information, please see the Guides to Submit Proposals published on the official website of the FPH (

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